Wind vane

General presentation

PULSONIC has developed wind vane made of carbon to integrate into the wind system Alizia 312. This wind vane is very robust and made to resist very strong wind.

Initially, this wind vane were developed for Météo-France, now it's used in several continents by different clients.

This wind vane can be integrated to a PLC with a current output (4-20 mA).

The main characteristics are :

  • Strength
  • Accuracy
  • Starting threshold
Bearing wheel
The wind vane using water tight and long lasting bearing wheel to increase the life span of the sensor. The robust potentiometer allows the system to measure high accurate angle.
The flag is made of carbon material to provide very light flag but with strong resistance against wind, sun radiation. The body is made of cast alumunium that provide one of the most robust solution in the market.
Wind direction
0-360° wind direction measurement, very low starting threshold and very good damping ratio (> 0.3).


Wind direction 
Measurement range0-360°
Wind speed max80 m/s
Starting threshold0.6 m/s
Accuracy± 3 degrees
Blind spot
5 ± 1 degrees
Damping ratio> 0.3
Distance constant2.1 m
Damped wave length5 m
Undamped wave length5.2 m


Bodycast aluminium
Operating-30 to +70°C
Storage-40 to +70°C
Humidity0% to 100%