Wind sensor

PULSONIC has developed its own wind sensors using different technology to fit the client's applications needs. The aim of these sensors are to work in harsh environment such as sand storm, dusty air, salty air, humidity air, ...

PULSONIC products can be divided into 4 groups :

Ultrasonic anemometer (speed & direction)

PULSONIC is manufacturing it's own ultrasonic wind sensor. This technology doesn't need any preventive maintenance that make it a best seller in sandy/dusty environement. It calculate 2-minute and 10-minute wind average automatically.

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Wind system (speed & direction)

An intelligent system has been developped to provide the average value of wind speed and direction (2min and 10 min). The system can be connected directly to a display or to an AWS.

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Anemometer (speed)

PULSONIC has developped it's own 3-cup anemometer with a current output (4-20mA), it that can be integrate into simple system, a wind system or  an AWS.

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Wind vane (direction)

PULSONIC provides two models of wind vane to measure wind direction. Both model can be integrated into the AWS or directly connected to a display.

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If you are unsure about the type of sensor you required for your application feel free to contact us !