Wind System : Combinaison of an Anemometer and a Vane

PULSONIC has developed a wind system, called ALIZIA 312, initially for Météo-France to provide high quality wind measurement in speed and direction.

The ALIZIA 312 is fully autonomous with it's own solar panel and CPU unit to do the calculation such as Min, Max, Average (2 min, 10 min).

The ALIZIA 312 is compatible with the PULSONIC automatic weather station, Pulsia.

To meet the recommendations of the WMO, ALIZIA 312 can be installed on a ten meters mast .



General presentation

No Power
Thanks to PULSONICs Low Power Technology, this wind sensor is powered entirely by solar energy integrated to the system.
ALIZIA 312 is made of robust material (stainless-steel, cast aluminium housing, carbon fiber, polyamid). The robust conception allows the system to work perfectly even in highly demanding climate.
0-60 m/s wind speed measurement
Minimize Maintenance
The anemometer and the wind vane use high quality bearing wheels to keep high quality measurement and minimize the maintenance.


 Wind speedWind direction
Measurement range0-60 m/s0° to 360°
Starting threshold0.5 m/s0.5 m/s
Accuracy± 0.5 m/s from 0 to 10 m/s
±3%* from 10 m/s to 60 m/s
± 3°
Data availableInstantaneous speed
2-minute average
10-minute average
Cumulative wind
Instantaneous direction
2-minute average
10-minute average
(*) of the reading value
Enclosurecast alumunium painted in white
armsStainless steel
Flagcarbon fiber