Soil humidity sensors

For several applications such as hydrology, agriculture, the users require to measure soil humidity. The main issue with soil humidity sensor is to install these systems without disturbing the soil (same as soil temperature sensor). PULSONIC implemented several solutions over the year, the following solution provide very good measurement representativity and robust but easy to setup solution.

Main feature:

The SDI12 multi depth soil humidity sensor is designed to:

  • 5 depth measurement
  • Minimize soil disturbance
  • Measures the true soil profile, NOT slurry
Number of measurement5 (-10, -20, -30, -50, -100cm)
Measuring range -20°C - +50°C
±0.03% volume
Resolution 1:10000
Signal outputSDI12
Material Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
Length1200 mm
Diameter22 mm