PULSONIC is a well-known manufacturer of sturdy Automatic Weather Stations. Since 1984 PULSONIC has designed and manufactured a wide range of Automatic Weather Stations, sensors and software solutions. PULSONIC's products are operating all around the world for a broad range of applications.

Our main products are the following:

Automatic Weather Station

PULSONIC's main product is Automatic Weather Station (AWS). Since 1984 PULSONIC's R&D Team has developed several generations of AWS to provide the best solution to its clients.

Automatic Raingauge

PULSONIC has developed dedicated solutions to monitor the rainfall information. Highly integrated electronics, compact and robust this solution is particularly cost effective!

Ultrasonic anemometer

Since its creation PULSONIC has developed sturdy and accurate wind sensor. ALIZIA 380 is PULSONIC’s latest innovation. This 3-arm ultrasonic wind sensor is incredibly accurate and generates automatically the 2-minute and 10-minute wind speed average.

AWS Data Management

Have you ever wondered, how to manage a network of hundreds of Automatic Weather Stations? PULSONIC has developed a package of software for easier real time data management and analysis.

Plant disease models

Thanks to its network of partners PULSONIC has developed different solutions to model plant diseases. These could possibly increase yields and help reduce the use of pesticides and other inputs.


PulsoWeb is a secured cloud-based solution that will allow you to back-up and access your meteorological data 24/7 from anywhere there's an Internet connection!