PULSONIC developed displays, called ALIZIA 330, that are usually used for Air traffic control or any other applications that require measurements of 2-minute or 10-minute wind speed/direction and/or QNH and QFE :

The Alizia 330 display option "Wind" can be connected directly to a wind sensor such as PULSONIC Alizia 380 or Alizia 312. The sensor can be place several kilometer away from the display.

The Alizia 330 display option "Pressure"can provide QNH and QFE information. It should be connected to a barometer directly (for example, a PTB-220).

The Alizia 330 display open "Wind" and "Pressure" meets all WMO* and ICAO** recommendations.

Displayed data (Wind) :

  • Wind speed (m/s or kt)
  • Wind direction (°)


Displayed data (Pressure) :

  • QNH (hPa)
  • QFE (hPa)

*WMO :World Meteorological Organization

**ICAO : International Civil Aviation Organization