Automatic Weather Station

An Automatic Weather Station is an electronic system that replaces traditional weather station to measure weather conditions.

An AWS usually consists of three keys parts:

  • Data-logger with communication features (such as GSM/GPRS)
  • Solar panel and battery
  • Sensors

The key features of an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) are the following:

  • High sensor accuracy
  • Easy to install and to maintain
  • Plug & Play sensor
  • Solar powered (except for heated version)
  • Robustness
  • Automatic Telemetry / Communication
  • Data storage
  • 24h/365d reliable (an AWS can be installed in the middle of the desert, with no technician at less than 48 hours drive!)

For more than three decades, PULSONIC has been developing a wide range of products to answer its clients needs. PULSONIC provides stations with a flexible configuration: this modularity allows to add sensors according to the needs.

The calculated information

The Automatic Weather Station automatically collects and calculates extra climatic information :

⇒ Dewpoint temperature (Td)

⇒ Sunshine duration (SD)

⇒ Potential Evapo-Transpiration (PET)

⇒ Accumulated precipitation 24 hours (6h GMT to 5h59), 12 hours, 6 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour

⇒ Humidity duration ( >80%, > 90%, [80;90], <40%)

Data availability

The Automatic Weather Station provides to the end user the following information :

⇒ 1-minute data

⇒ 6-minute data

⇒ Hourly data

⇒ Daily data