Fields of application

PULSONIC products can be applied in various industries as the meteorological information is important in almost every field directly or indirectly. To understand who can use our system we listed below a list of the main domains of application. But be aware that this list is far from exhaustive.

Early Warning System
PULSONIC provides surface observation systems such as Automatic Rain Gauge or Automatic Weather Stations to monitor the specific parameters to protect the population. Our clients usually monitor parameters to detect droughts, floods, storms and other critical weather conditions.
PULSONIC solutions with their various Automatic Weather Stations allow their clients to monitor the climate in agriculture conditions to maximize their harvest. Several models have been integrated by PULSONIC to monitor crop-illness and to ensure the best starting time for crops’ treatment. Our equipment can be used to track as indicators as temperature accumulation, potential evapo-transpiration and others.
Meteorological institutions
Several meteorological and climate institutions are using Automatic Weather Station to calibrate their radars and to make their forecasts. PULSONIC solutions provide a robust and reliable solution to monitor and to manage hundreds of AWS. The data flow has been thought to provide the highest system uptime.
Road safety
Several climates parameters, which can be tracked with help of PULSONIC solutions, is keys information to secure the road safety. PULSONIC AWS represents an easy infrastructure solution to integrate the required sensors to the road.
PULSONIC provides AWOS solution to provide the meteorological information required by tower control and to generate automatically the METAR messages. PULSONIC also developed the displays to provide wind and pressure information, which is highly important for aeronautics and aviation.
PULSONIC has more than 25 years of experience in network observation management to monitor the climate change in the forest. The parameters generated by the Automatic Weather Station allow the end user to calculate the Forest Fire Weather Index.